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The CU Force CRM Difference

CU Force CRM is the only “Credit Union-specific” CRM that includesan interface that imports statistical information from your coresystem. The interface contains aaggregate shard and loan valuesbased on members of active SEG’s. No member data is accessedduring the import process. Information is dynamically calculatedeach time for each SEG and all SEG’s as a whole and includes:

. Penetration Ratio

Loan-to-Share Ratio

•Average Share and loan balances

This included feature gives you insightinto the performancecharacteristics of your SEG portfolio.

NOTE: CU Force CRM does not import, store, or track individualmember data such as account numbers, names, or other sensitivedata.

The CU Force CRM application is designed to manage informationabout your SEG companies aand your interactions with key contacts

each company It cannot be used to manage interactions with members, such as marketing, etc.