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Dominick Edwards, CEO & Founder
Extensive credit union experience:
-Vice President IBM Credit Union, Poughkeepsie, NY
-Vice President  Board of Directors, Southern California Central Credit Union (now E-Central CU, Pasadena, CA
-AFTECH/Fiserv -Sr. VP Sales and Marketing Western Region 1998 – 2004
-Started New Vision – January 2004


New Vision’s Software products serve more than 550 credit unions and community banks nationwide including many of the top 100 credit unions

Our mission is to establish new and innovative products that use current technology to deliver reliable and proven products.  We continue to refine and update our products to keep pace with changing technology and market requirements.

Service and support are the “Hallmark” of New Vision. We understand and have over 30 years experience managing the issues of successful marketing to expand and enhance the bottom line of credit unions.

CU-Force, SEGManager and Biz Link products are powerful marketing/sales, financial tracking, and report generation programs that help users improve, manage and grow their businesses. Custom software design and programming are also available at New Vision. We develop and build software programs based on your specific requirements.


Why CU-Force is Different from other cloud based programs

New Vision’s philosophy regarding the design of its products is based on the actual user experience with the software.  Sales and marketing executives try to avoid working with products that are difficult and time consuming to use.  They want to focus on their partner companies and prospects in an efficient and timely manner.  They want to easily track activities, campaigns, sales opportunities, calendars, etc. Most important, they want to be able to easily get valuable information out of the program to help them do their jobs better, smarter and faster.

Yes, there are many CRM products out there.  Some are very costly and difficult to use and some are either cheap or free.  You know the old saying “you get what you pay for”  The primary goal in developing our products is to make them easy to use, comprehensive and cost effective.  When you purchase our products, you can start using them immediately.  If you have a spreadsheet with your partner company information, New Vision can import your data to get you up and running quickly. 

If you’re using a simple spreadsheet or complicated CRM package, you owe it to yourself to see how CU-Force can help you achieve your credit union’s business development goals and objectives.