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CU-Force CRM is the only “Credit Union specific” CRM that includes an interface that imports statistical information from your core system. The interface contains aggregate share and loan values based on members of active SEG’s. No member data is accessed during the import process. Information is dynamically calculated each time for each SEG and all SEG’s as a whole and includes:

  • Penetration Ratio
  • Loan to Share Ratio
  • Average Share and loan balances

This included feature gives you insight into the performance characteristics of your SEG portfolio.

NOTE: CU-Force CRM does not import, store or track individual member data such as account numbers, names, or other sensitive data.

The CU-Force CRM application is designed to manage information about your SEG companies and your interaction with key contacts within each company. It cannot be used to manage interactions with members, such as marketing, etc.

CU-Force CRM provides the following aspects in managing your SEG companies:

  • Company profile information
  • Status of the company
  • Contact Information
  • Detail information
  • Other business relationships
  • Personnel Information
  • Activity Tracking
  • Calendar and schedule – Interface with Outlook
  • Marketing Events
  • Competitive Information
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Special Events
  • Statistical Information:
  • Total share and loan balances for employee/members of the SEG
  • Number of accounts for each share and loan category
  • Performance Ratios including:
    1. Average Shares
    2. Average Loans
    3. Penetration Ratio
    4. Loan to Share Ratio
  • Core System Interface
  • 16 User Defined Fields
  • Standard Reports included
  • Easy to use Report Writer
  • Mail Merge and Mass Email