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Comparing Cost

In today’s fast-paced, ultra-competitive, and highly technicalbusiness environment, the CRM has become an organization’smost valuable asset.CRM is essential to understanding theneeds of your SEG’s, improving service, and increasing profitabilityWith such importance placed on your organization’s CRM and itsfar-reaching impact, determining the actual cost of implementationis essential. There are many CRM software options available andjust as many pricing models. Pinpointing the “exact” cost of variousCRMs has become challenging. The software price is only a smallpercentage of the overall “true” expense of a CRM system. Manyhidden costs must be taken into consideration when determiningyour return on investment

Instead of zeroing in on the upfront price, credit unions should

focus on the total cost of ownership over time or the “true cost” of the CRM. You can’t set a realistic budget otherwiseIf you want 24/7 support, be prepared to purchase the Premier Success Plan, which costs an additional 20% of your license list price.

. Full mobile functionality is an upgrade for professional users and costs an extra $50 per month

Want to access the CRM offline? Great-that will be another $25/user/month

fou don’t need to be a math whiz to figure out that the hidden costs of CRMs can eventually run thousands of dollars per month. With the varietycomplexity of CRM platforms and the extensive cost considerations, hiring a third party consultant is a must for most companies. Having amology partner that understands an organization’s needs, diagnoses potential problems, and offers solutions is undoubtedly a cost wortheering up front to avoid headaches down the road