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Introducing our new cloud based replacement application. We have contracted with Winhost the most affordable and secure Windows hosting platform anywhere to host CU-Force.   Your IT department will no longer be required to manage the app in terms of installations, upgrades, etc.
This option is the most cost effective and reliable choice for our clients.  New Vision will host and maintain the Internet (Cloud) Server/s.  CU-Force will be the app for each client layer including their own instance of CU Force software that will be linked to their secure database.  CU-Force users would simply log on to the app and data via a secure URL.  Each CU-Force client will be issued a secure sign in.  CU-Force can be accessed by mobile devices everywhere that Internet access is present.
Updates to the application will be deployed by New Vision to all CU-Force instances (clients) as they are released.  This process will be totally transparent to client IT departments.   The diagram above shows a typical Internet/Cloud configuration that will be similar to New Vision’s configuration.  Annual maintenance for updates and licenses will be based on the number of licenses each client has plus a set annual fee for your database storage that exceed more than 50MB on the cloud server/s.